FAQ for Parents

How do I place an order?
You can place your order via the online ordering system here www.whippersnappers.com.au/orders and follow the instructions.

I don't want to order a package, can I just order a group photo or single prints?
Yes you are able to order individual prints and group photos. Simply select “NO” when asked if you are ordering a package on the order form and progress through the pages until you get to the product that you would like to order.

I would like to make a change in the Package I am ordering, do you do special requests?
Please contact us via the contact form rather than calling so that we have a record of your request. 

Who prepares my child for pictures?
If you have a specific outfit or any other requirements for your child, please let their carer on the day know and they will ensure your child is prepared for their photos.

When will my order be delivered to the daycare?
All photos are guaranteed to be delivered to the daycare within five weeks from the photo date.

If I like the picture can I order more?
Yes you are able to order more products via the website once you have received your package.

Can I re-order an entire package?
Yes, a package is a product that you can re-order.

If I don’t like my pictures, what can I do?
We understand that we sometimes may not capture your child as you expect and this happen for a number of different reasons. You can contact us at admin@whippersnappers.com.au and we will work through the issue with you. Please don’t contact your daycare centre as they will direct you to us anyway

Do you offer retakes?
Depending on the circumstances, retakes may be offered after due consideration.

How long does it take to process a reorder?
A re-order can be processed within one week, postage time can vary on top of this time.

My child does not attend the centre on the chosen photography days, can they still have their photo taken?
Children who do not attend the centre during photo days are welcome to come along and have their photo taken on one of the days that suit. If your centre has chosen a group photo (where all the children are together) please bring your child in around the advertised time for their group photo if you would like them to be included.

We have other Children in our Family who do not attend the centre, can we bring them for Sibling Photos?
Absolutely. We start at 8am, so you are able to bring in school aged children before you take them to school.

What do I dress my Child in?
Your child can be dressed in normal daycare clothes or if you prefer you may dress them in other clothes. The choice is yours.

What if I forget to order before the order cut of date. Can my child still be photographed?
If you come in on the day and have forgotten to place an order, you will be able to place a late order online between midnight an 9am on the day of photos. An additional charge applies for late orders. No late orders will be accepted after 9am and all orders must be prepaid in full.

Can I place an order after the photo day if I didn’t request one by the order cut off date?
Only if your centre chose the composite group photo. If your centre chose a physical group photo there will not be an individual image of your child. If it was a composite group photo, you will be able to choose from Package 1, 3, 8, 9 or 10 or any of the individual products available. Late orders are priced at a higher rate.

Do you do retouching?
We will remove minor blemishes and bruises unless the parent has specifically requested for them to be left. We will always check with centre staff to ensure we are not removing birth marks etc.

What do you do if my child won’t co-operate?
If this situation arises will refund of your order amount.

My child is sick and can no longer attend daycare for the photo day, what do I do?
Notify the centre that your child is unwell and will not be attending and we will refund your order amount.


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