FAQ for Daycare Centre Managers

Do you do staff photos?
Yes we offer complimentary staff photos on the day. If you are holding your photo days over 2 or 3 days, please advise us and the staff which day you prefer the staff photos to be taken. This gives the staff the opportunity to make themselves beautiful on that day

Do we receive any of the photos?
Yes, the centre will receive complimentary 10×8” prints of each room photo as well was complimentary 6×4″ or 5×7” prints of each of the staff members. Staff do not receive complimentary copies of room or staff photos individually.

What do we do if a parent is not happy with their photos?
The parents are requested to contact us directly, but if they do bring their grievance to you, please direct them to us via email.

What background do you use?
We don’t use a set backdrop. The children are photographed wherever they are playing. Inside or outside it doesn’t matter. This makes the children more comfortable and the photography is a more seamless part of their day

How do parents order and pay?
Ordering is all online. We will provide you with a notice to give to each parent which will direct them to the online ordering system. All orders are made and paid for online which means that you do not have to handle any forms or money. The order cut off date will midnight 3 days before your photo day. We ask the centre to promote the day and order by date to ensure all parents have the opportunity to place an order.

Can parents still order if they missed the cut of date?
Late orders may be placed online from midnight until 9am on the day of the photos, if parents have missed placing an order online. An additional charge applies for late orders. No late orders will be accepted after 9am and all orders must be prepaid in full.

If a parent see’s their child’s photo on the group photo after they are returned and they want to buy it, can they?
Yes, if you have chosen a composite group photo at least one photo will be taken of each child, so they will be able to choose from Package 1, Package 3, Package 8, 9 or 10 or any of the individual products available. However, if you have chosen a physical group photo only individual images are taken of those children who have placed an order. Late orders are priced at a higher rate.

How do you know who you are photographing?
We ask the centre to provide us with a full list of all the children that attend the centre prior to the photo days. We then use this and the orders to be prepared on the day with a list of all the children in each room. This also enables us to have the correct spelling for every child for the group photos.

We have children under DCP or who are not able to be included on the day, how do you handle this?
If you have children that are not to be photographed for any reason, please let the photographer know on the day. We will ensure that no photos are taken of the child and that the child is not included in the group photos.

Do you organise permission for children to be included in the group photo if they haven't placed an order?
Yes, we will provide permission lists to the Centre for the children in attendance on the day that have not ordered. It is the responsibility of the Centre staff to obtain the parents permissions on the day. If the parent does not sign a yes or no, the child will not have a photo taken and will not be included on their room group photo. Some Centre’s utilise the permissions granted on enrolment forms with regards to whether children can be photographed. If there are any children that cannot be included then the Photographer must be notified on the day.

How many of my staff will you need to assist on the day?
We do not require any staff to be assigned to us. We simply ask the staff in each room to identify the children and we then get on with photographing. Staff may be required to wipe noses/faces and in some instance change the children’s outfits if requested by the parents. We aim to make the day as stress free as possible for your staff.

What time do you start photographing & how long will it take?
Our usual start time is 8am. This allows families with school aged children to take advantage of the sibiling package. We normally finish by 11am to allow the children to get on with their day/sleeps. Whilst the normal operating hours are 8-11am we can customize the time to meet the centres requirements.

How many days does our Centre need?

We generally work on the following method, however we are quite flexible to accommodate your needs.

0 – 90 registered families = 1 Photo day

90 – 120 registered families = 2 Photo days

120+ registered families = 3 Photo days

Do you do group or composite group photos?
We shoot both physical group photos (where the children are in a group) and composite group photos (a head shot of each child in the group). The centre chooses which style of group photo they would like when booking their photo day.

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