The day care years are important years in a child’s life. However, their working parents miss out on their daily activities. The best way to share those moments with them is to organise some professional portraits that truly capture those memorable moments while their children play at daycare.

But not the ‘typical’ daycare portraits…

At Whippersnappers, we don’t require anything to be set up – no backdrops, no glaring lights that would scare the children, and minimal posing – because we’re gentle souls who love to capture each child in their natural daycare environment.

Our Whippersnapper photographers love children, they will take time to interact with the children in their own environment: reading, singing, playing with the child – whatever it takes. If required we can be like ninjas so the child won’t even notice us taking their photos, ensuring we capture images of those hard to get children!

We’ve found this to be the best approach to taking children's photos with minimal disruption to their day!

Please feel free to have a browse in our gallery, and you can also find our most recent work on our Facebook page

We do all the work

And don’t worry about the stress of handling bookings and enquiries. We know you have little ones to take care of, that’s why Whippersnappers will take care of all that.

Our friendly team will manage the entire event by offering parents the opportunity to place their orders via our secure online order form.

We’ll respond to all enquiries about the photoshoot so we can provide families with additional information, especially about how to prepare their children for the event.

Where do we offer daycare photography sessions?

We’re located in Baldivis, Western Australia. We currently service the Perth Metro Area including Mandurah.

For a free no-obligation consultation or for further information, please contact Whippersnappers.


Affordable day care portrait packages

We capture both single, sibling and group photos and offer parents many choices to order. The packages can be found here.

Your daycare centre also receives a complimentary copy of each age group photo and individual staff portraits.

How it works

It’s very simple.

STEP 1: Your centre picks a date for your photo day. We will provide you with an email to send parents as well as advertising material to place in your centre.

STEP 2: Parents order and pay online by the advertised order cut off date.

STEP 3: Orders are confirmed via email with individual families.

STEP 4: Photoshoot day, that’s when we capture treasured memories. We normally operate between 8am and 11am. Late orders may be placed online from midnight until 9am on the day of the photos for parents who missed the order cut off date. An additional charge applies for late orders. NO ORDERS CAN BE PLACED AFTER 9am and must be paid for in full

STEP 5: The Whippersnappers team carefully choose, edit, print and package the orders to return to the centre by the advertised due date.

For a free no-obligation consultation or for further information, please contact Whippersnappers.

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